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Excellence Through Creative Culture

Our founders always tell us “interesting people make interesting products.” Marketing4ECPs is full of interesting people who love to create, innovate, and execute exciting new solutions. As a digital agency, our staff is made of a healthy mix of friendly nerds, people-persons, and eye care aficionados. Everyone on our team brings years of experience blended with a fresh perspective.

An average day in our office sounds like dozens of clattering keyboards, occasionally punctuated with an eye-related pun and raucous laughter. We love what we do, and it shows in the work we produce. At the end of the day, we’re all united by a single factor—we’re genuinely excited to help our clients grow their practices.

Want to meet us? Good! We want to meet you too.

How We Work

Working with us is like hiring a full-time marketing professional who knows the industry and understands your goals. Except, instead of one experienced marketer, you get a whole team in your corner.

We put our eye care industry knowledge to work providing you with marketing solutions for your specialties—dry eye, scleral lenses, vision therapy, myopia control and more. Whether you’re an optometrist, ophthalmologist, or optician, we can help you grow your business with a plan that’s completely customized for you.

Meet the Team

Trudi Charest

Trudi Charest


Kevin Wilhelm

Kevin Wilhelm

President and Co-founder

Marketing Directors

You know what you want from your marketing, and our marketing directors know how to get it. These strategic geniuses know the marketing world inside and out, and will use their expertise to create the perfect marketing plan for your business based on your goals, budget, target demographic, and more. The marketing director’s job is to understand how potential patients will respond to all types of media, and they’re darn good at it.

A website has a lot of moving pieces. Your website fulfillment team works with each of our production teams, making sure that each piece comes together exactly as it should. These organizational wizards are great with details and will be your main point of contact during the website-building process. They’ll work with you to highlight all of your practice’s needs and make sure your new website meets those needs and surpasses your expectations.

How do we know our methods work? Because we’ve got the scientific data to back it up! Our digital ad specialists blend marketing with science—they are Google certified and highly educated. In addition to building and managing all paid search campaigns, they also collect and analyze the numbers to calculate your ROI. These beloved brainiacs keep tabs on all sorts of metrics to give us an accurate representation of what parts of your campaign are most effective, and how we can increase your results.

Good content doesn’t just make your website easy to understand—it makes your website easy to find. Our writers can break eye health issues down into terms that web users will identify with and care about. These word nerds work hard to write your website in a voice and tone that reflects who you are as a practice. Our SEO department scans your website and recommends changes to make sure it offers the best possible user experience and checks all the necessary boxes for high search rankings.

Our savvy social team knows the ins and outs of popular platforms. It might seem difficult to keep up with all the changes and developments in the world of social media, but that’s why we’re here. We employ people who keep on top of the trends and maintain your brand’s consistent tone and voice whether we’re making videos or advertising dry eye services. Our social media managers optimize awareness of your practice and keep social surfers from scrolling on past—we put people’s eyes on you.

You don’t have to go to art school to know a professionally designed website when you see it. Our graphic designers have an incredible gift for communicating your practice’s values and identity through the use of fonts, colours, space, graphics, and more. By balancing our best practices for user experience, and taking into account any branding you may already have, as well as your personal tastes, these artists come up with the perfect design to catch the eye of potential patients.

Our web developers are modern-day wizards. They take a two-dimensional design and use it as a blueprint to build a fully functional website. This is when all of the elements we’ve made so far come together to create one cohesive product. Our developers pour all of their time and attention into making sure everything on your site looks good and functions properly. Developers will come to your rescue in no time at all if needed!

Every ship needs a crew, and we’re sailing with some of the best. The leadership at Marketing4ECPs works hard to foster a customer-oriented, solution-focused atmosphere. We’re a group of people who love what they do, led by people who value innovation and exceptional service. The Marketing4ECPs “higher-ups” are always down in the trenches with the rest of us, working to revolutionize the way Marketing4ECPs does business.

Our Core Values


We’ve all got different skill sets, and we use them to highlight and elevate each other’s work. When all is said and done, you get a refined product that goes way above and beyond the industry standard.


Integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is looking. As individuals and as a company, we hold ourselves accountable. We are determined to do what’s right, even when it’s not easy.


There’s always an opportunity to grow and shine! Our team never focuses on the obstacles in our way. We focus on finding an innovative solution. And along the way, we’ll identify opportunities to improve our process.


If there’s a better way to get the job done, we’re determined to find it. Our team continuously audits and optimized our processes, products and services to give you the best possible results. Nothing excites us more than progress.

Our Website Products


Our essential websites are perfect for new start-ups and small practices. If you are ready to create – or upgrade – your online presence and want to get started right away, our essential website is for you.


Our essential+ sites are a step up from our essential sites. You’ll get all the ease and speed of our essential sites, but with 5 extra pages of custom content to tell your patients about your specialty or area of focus.


Our premium sites are custom websites with 20-25 pages of custom medical content, SEO performance monitoring and custom design. 


Custom sites are completely custom sites, and are available only by request.


If you have multiple locations or require multiple websites, our Enterprise option is built for you.

Discover Our Website Solutions

What We Can Do For You

We’ll work with you to build a customized plan that respects your budget, represents your unique practice, and achieves your objectives.

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Dry Eye Marketing

Medical Niche Marketing

Partnered With Industry Leaders in Eye Care

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Our Lumenis Partnership

We understand that specializing in a niche service can help elevate your practice – and how it is crucial for your patients to understand what you offer.

Marketing4ECPs’ partnership with Lumenis was developed to support its clients with innovative marketing solutions. We support the marketing behind the OptiLight system, helping practices drive awareness to this specialized treatment and make the most of promoting their investment.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying

Our work speaks for itself, but don’t just listen to us. See what industry leaders have to say!

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