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Training Yourself To Be An Eye Care Social Media Manager

Become the practice social media manager they said, it will be fun they said. Or something like that but with little or no training. Well let’s get you a bit more comfortable with that position and learn how to use tools to get creative and organized at the same time. Join Tyler Kemp, Brand Engagement Lead along with his amazing team members, Austen & Alyssa on this action packed webinar. We will follow that up with a step by step guide you can download at the end of the webinar that will make you a better social media manager immediately.

Wednesday, September 21st, 12:00pm MT


Eye Care Trends That Equal Marketing Opportunity

Trends equal opportunity, and as marketers, we love opportunity. Join Trudi Charest, Co-Founder of Marketing4ECPs, as she shares eye care statistics and trends that will open your eyes to huge missed opportunities. If you love stats you will love this webinar.

Google Marketing For Eye Care Patient Acquisition

Google offers more than a search engine, and practices need to understand all the different ways they should be investing in Google Marketing. Join Directors of Accounts and Strategy, Nicole Hopf and Account Manager, Robin Laurenson, in one of the most practical and impactful webinars we will host in 2022. If you conquer Google, you will grow your practice, period!

10 SEO Steps for Better Ranking

Join our Manager of SEO, Brynn Low, and SEO Specialist, Boris Vujanovic, to learn the 10 SEO steps for better ranking. The digital world is changing daily and staying on top of trends is important, especially when it comes to SEO. How you show up when patients are searching circles back to you tenfold in booked appointments. Because we want to give you answers to your many questions regarding SEO, we have a special free resource that you can download after attending the webinar!

Marketing Dry Eye For Optometry Practices

Join our Co-founder, Trudi Charest, for this 20 minute webinar on marketing Dry Eye. Every day more and more practices are investing in Dry Eye treatments and technology. Be the practice that stands out by learning how to market and gain exposure in your geographical area. From your practice website, to social media, advertising and referrals. Get great tips and receive a special giveaway at the end.

Build a Marketing Plan for 2022

2021 is quickly coming to a close. What do you need to know to build a rock solid marketing plan, strategy and calendar for 2022. Join Marketing4ECPS, President, Kevin Wilhelm, in this business presentation that is built around growth strategies that work and get results. Bonus…get a FREE marketing calendar, and other resources to download at the end of the talk.

Why You Should Write a Monthly Blog

Hear from Senior Content Strategist, Kaia Pankurst, on why blogging can drive additional traffic to your website and the 5 steps to writing an engaging blog post. It’s no secret that Google loves content and expert advice but practice owners struggle as to what to write and how to write a great blog. Join us for a 20 minute talk that will have you blogging today!

8 Ways To Market Contact Lenses

Hear straight from seasoned Marketing Strategists, Jill, Jeff & Robin on what they would suggest to a practice ready to grow their contact lens sales. We will cover 8 ways to marketing contact lenses.

Why Your Practice Doesn’t Show Up on The First Page of Google

Everyday millions of searches are being conducted for eye care and eyewear providers. The practices and eye care businesses that show up for these searches are the ones winning the business. We can show you how to show up! PS…we have a very special GOOGLY giveaway at the end.

What Truly Goes Into Building An Eye Care Website

Your practice website is the foundation to all of your marketing. In this webinar, we’ll be pulling back the curtains to talk about what truly goes into building an amazing, high performing website. There is a lot you don’t always hear about when it comes to the design, content and website development from the experts here at Marketing4ECPs who build practice websites everyday.

Build An Instagram Strategy In 20 Minutes

Join us for an action packed 20 minutes on what your practice needs to be doing on social media in 2021 with an emphasis on Instagram strategies. We will give you actionable tips and resources to help you be more successful and engaging as well as gain more followers. We’ll be giving away a BIG bonus at the end so don’t miss out.

Talk Nerdy To Me, Marketing Metrics That Matter

You know what we love better than digital marketing? All the tracking you can do with digital marketing. Let us show you what you can track and what you should track.

Secrets To A Thriving Contact Lens Business

We’re excited about this upcoming webinar with
three amazing panelists! They have built thriving
contact lens businesses and are willing to share
some of their secrets to success!

The Money’s In The List – Email Marketing Today

Do you know that the ROI for email marketing is 38:1? That means for every $1 you spend on email marketing you can get back up to $38 on average. Let us show you how.

New Year, New Consumer – Marketing4ECPs 20 Minute Webinar

It’s 2021 and with a new year comes the opportunity to re-evaluate consumer behaviors and how they are making buying decisions. Learn from our Creative Director Anne-Louise, and SEO Expert Brynn Low in this 20 minute informative discussion.

Does Social Media Earn Me New Patients?

One of the biggest questions we get asked: “Does Social Media Get Me New Patients?” Our team will discuss the role of social media, how you CAN build it to attract new patients, and how to ensure it really is building your brand.

Build Your 2021 Marketing Plan In an Hour

Learn from Marketing4ECPs President & Co-Founder Kevin Wilhelm & Marketing Director Shaila Hirani all about creating an annual marketing strategy & plan as we head into the New Year.

Marketing Your E-Commerce Website: Increase Traffic & Sales

You’ve built an online store to help create additional revenue opportunities, but now what? Our 60-minute webinar will walk you through how to promote your web store effectively and profitably.

E-Store Posts

Only Look Forward

Watch this informative webinar where Co-Founder Trudi Charest hosts an esteemed panelist of Canadian Optometrists who share their experiences of running their businesses in the new environment.

Never. Look. Back.

So… we’re back (or really, really close). Now what?

This webinar was put together to really hone in on the different areas of your business that will provide the greatest impact coming out of COVID-19 isolation. Join our esteemed panelists as we discuss finance, inventory management, HR, and communication strategies to ensure you re-launch successfully.

Beyond the first few weeks of re-opening, we know that a blueprint has now been created by the government to initiate future isolations. We will also discuss how you can safeguard your practice to ensure that you are in the best position moving forward to withstand another forced closure.

As discussed during this Webinar, here is the Fee Increase Letter Template

Become a Local Thought Leader

Brands are desperate to stand out, to differentiate themselves amongst their competition. Consumer loyalty has changed and people are researching their buying decisions more than ever before. With the most informed consumer segment the world has ever seen, how can you stand out as an eye care business to become better known and sought after in your community?

Local-thought-leadership is a term that we’ve clung to at Marketing4ECPs, and believe heavily in the idea that true differentiation is how we pull ourselves out of becoming a commodity business and into a brand that people love (and will pay more for).

Branding Beyond Your Logo

Our webinar will discuss the thought process of “brand”, and how consciously thinking about the brand you want to create, will help shift the decisions you make in your business. Of course the components of your logo will be discussed, but so much more goes into your brand than your logo.

We’ll be joined by a couple of clients who have truly established their own defined “brand” in their market. Hear their advice and listen in on a lively conversation!

Create Promotions that Actually Bring People IN

Promotion is one of the 4 P’s of Marketing (Price, Product, Promotion, Place) and the importance of a strong promotion cannot be overstated. The problem is – so many times we see eye care businesses run a promotion only to discount their product to people who were already planning on buying. But how can we ensure that our promotion is growing our business?

This webinar will cover the strategy of promotions, the need to create an annual (at least quarterly) plan, a discussion on discounting, partnering with vendors, and of course – marketing your promotions to ensure they are a huge success.

SEO for Eye Care Practices

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the relevancy of a webpage to show up higher on search engine results pages. We all know that ranking #1 on Google can be incredibly beneficial for your company, but how can you do it?

Our SEO experts will discuss what exactly SEO is, what Google is looking for, what keywords you actually want to show up for, how to increase your organic rankings, and how to continuously monitor both your website and your competitors. We’ll look at real life examples of when SEO went right, and wrong, based on algorithm updates.

What Makes a Great Practice Website

When patients/customers are in the buying cycle and deciding which practitioner to do business with, your website may be the most important determining factor. Your website immediately sets the tone in terms of identifying who you are, what you do, and how you can help the person who’s visiting your website.

Build Your YouTube Channel Like a Legend

We are incredibly proud to present and introduce our guest speaker for this webinar, Dr. Joseph Allen who has built his personal YouTube channel to over 134,000 subscribers on YouTube. One of his videos has even reached over 800,000 views.

Patient Communication & Marketing: What You Need to Do Now

In this free webinar, we’ll help give you answers. Join three of your peers and experts from 4ECPS and Solutionreach to learn about best practices for marketing and communications during a crises and how to rebuild when it’s over.

View the Webinar

Build a Strong Social Media Presence Post COVID-19

Communicating with patients will be more important than ever before. There are several ways that eye care professionals can effectively communicate with current patients, prospective patients, and the community as a whole, but none are more effective than social media.

Support During COVID-19 for Opticians Optical Owners

Join some amazing Opticians as they discuss some of the COVID challenges they have been facing and some of their great ideas on how they are adjusting and planning to step away from this crisis stronger.

Thought Leader Roundtable #1 (Webinar)

Join 3 of our amazing Canadian optometry clients in this 60-minute webinar all around peer support and ideas for how they are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. Moderated by our own Kevin Wilhelm, hear what measures they’ve put in place in their practice to help them get through these unprecedented times.

Thought Leader Roundtable #2 (Webinar)

Join 3 of our amazing Optometry clients in this 60-minute webinar all around peer support and ideas for how they are dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. Hosted by Invision Magazine and moderated by our own Kevin Wilhelm, hear what measures they’ve put in place in their practice to help them get through these unprecedented times, with a special emphasis on telemedicine.

View the Webinar

E-Commerce: Ready, Set, Go! (Webinar)

Join 3 amazing Optometrists and Kelly from E-commerce provider Get Sightly to hear all about your e-commerce options during this COVID-19 crisis.

Free COVID-19 Social Posts Download

Download 24 free COVID-19 social post templates and images.


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