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3 Eye Care Professionals Crushing it on Instagram


Eye care professionals that crush it on Instagram seem to effortlessly roll out one beautiful post after another. But that doesn’t just happen! It takes time, some creativity, and consistency to get your feed to represent your brand and to get it in front of the right eyes.

To kick start your own influencer worthy Instagram we have selected 3 eye care professionals, @luminancevision, and @oaklandvisioncenter who are consistently rocking it on Instagram. These accounts will be sure to give you some inspiration, plus we break down how you can implement similar tactics into your own Instagram strategy. #winning  

Mastering Images

First, we will be taking a look at, and if you’re not following her yet, you should be! Her beautiful feed features a high fashion feel with a lot of fun artistic elements. Of course, it’s all about the eyewear, but she consistently makes her posts feel fresh with her ever-evolving colour palette.

Taking Great Pictures

So, what is one of the things that makes this account so eye-catching? The amazing photos. Even if you aren’t a photographer you can take great photos for your Instagram. The key is to follow a few key principles to ensure your photos are on point.

  • Use natural light. It is by far the most flattering.
  • Use different locations. This keeps your posts fresh and interesting) 
  • Use a high-quality camera. Most newer phones have great cameras with a portrait mode or invest in a DSLR 
  • Use different colours and textures in the shot 
  • Take lots of photos! Behind every excellent Instagram photo is 100’s of shoots that didn’t make the cut
  • Edit. Edit. Edit. Don’t worry if your picture isn’t 100% perfect. You can easily adjust brightness, contrast, and add filters to ensure that all your pictures follow a similar theme.

As you can see when you scroll through’s feed she has done a stellar job incorporating these tips into the photos she has taken. Instagram is a visual platform so to stand out you need to put in a bit more effort into the photos you take. Not to mention that the trendy and cool nature of eyewear lends itself so well to being showcased in photos!

On Point Captions 

Don’t forget about the caption! Having a great image is only half the battle of creating a captivating Instagram account. The next account we would like to showcase is @luminancevision  who has mastered the art of clean and engaging caption writing.

As you can see @luminancevision has done a great job of making their captions easy to read. They have spaced out their text appropriately and use emojis and bold text for creative flair. We also love that their contact information is displayed so prominently in their posts. This makes it super easy for potential patients to book an appointment without having to search in the bio.   

 So what makes a great caption you might ask? Here is our ultimate recipe for hard to ignore captions:

  • Attention-grabbing first line.
  • Clear spacing. No one wants to read a block of text make sure you separate your caption into easily digestible chunks 
  • Tasteful emoji use. 
  • Call to action. What do you want your audience to do next? Make sure you direct them.
  • Contact information. For bonus points
  • Relevant hashtags. Psst… you can also pop these in your comments section

A Cohesive Feed

Next, let’s talk about how to create a feed that makes people hit that follow button. When people come to your page they are looking to get a quick idea of what you tend to post. You want to create a feed that is aesthetically pleasing and follows some type of pattern. 

For a great example of this, we couldn’t choose between @luminancevision and @oaklandvisioncenter. Both of these accounts have mastered the art of creating a stunning feed while using a consistent post arrangement. Check them out! 

As you can see both accounts feature trendy eyewear, staff or patients, and posts that showcase the clinic’s personality. We call these themes content pillars which are just guidelines to keep the clinic on-brand while posting on social media. If you want some guidance on choosing content pillars check out our Ultimate Instagram Guide for Eye Care.

The trick here is to map out a grid or structure for your posts. Then all you have to do is follow your formula. 

Personal Flair

Last but not least, all three of these accounts have showcased their individual style and personality. Instagram is your space to be creative and show your patients what your clinic or optical store is all about. 

We love how @oaklandvisioncenter features their Frenchie dogs and makes modern art with their feature frames.

If you’re having fun with Instagram people can tell and will want to follow you! Find what makes your clinic unique and showcase it.  

If you need any help with creating the Instagram of your dreams for your clinic or optical store, reach out to us!  One of our Social Media Strategists would love to hear from you. 

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