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Meet Our New Look

Since the inception of Marketing4ECPs, we have strived to offer the best digital marketing experience, exceptional customer service and expert guidance and support. Today, we are excited to introduce an entirely new visual design and identity that supports our growth and offers a modern look.

As Marketing4ECPs has helped 1000+ practices increase their success and elevate their brand identities, it was only a matter of time that we did the same for ourselves. Our company has grown immensely over the past few years and we wanted a brand to match our boldness and unique identity.

Diana Maleshri is the Manager of Graphic Design & Art Direction with Marketing4ECP and Peyman Nikkhah is a Senior Designer who worked on the brand. 

What was the inspiration behind the new branding?

The inspiration behind the new branding is the Marketing4ECPs itself. The wide range of clients we get and behind the scene people who work tirelessly to bring the client’s vision to life for their business.

What makes this branding unique and stand out from the competition?

We wanted the colours to be more vibrant, so we moved away from using just teal and orange from the old branding. We wanted the brand to stand out BOLD to distinguish ourselves from our competition. The colours represent our verticals and our various products and services, but they also represent the people of this organization, with all of their diversity, talents, and skills. The geometric icons and shapes represent different perspectives, movements, and the evolution of our company. Ultimately, we believe it shows that our organization is robust, ready to push boundaries and break glass ceilings.

What’s your favourite part about the new branding?

The colours, shapes and boldness.

What would you recommend to a company that’s thinking about rebranding?

Branding is the best thing you can do for your business. When your branding is good, it shows. It shows that you care, and you take care of yourself as much as you take care of your clients. In return, it will exude confidence and make your business reliable.

When you’re thinking of rebranding, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Why do you want to rebrand?
  2. What does your brand stand for?
  3. Who or what does it represent?
  4. What story is it saying right now?
  5. What would you like it to say instead?

Dig deeper and find your answers because answering these questions will not only help you understand your wants for your business branding but also will help you understand yourself and the kind of impact you want to make in your clients’ lives.

Take the chance and give your branding the love it deserves. Here at Marketing4ECPs, we know how to do it just right!

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