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Why Brands Are Important in Eyewear Marketing

High-end brands are not just for celebrities and influencers anymore! The market for designer items is steadily growing. According to Forbes, The global luxury market is predicted to reach $1.5 trillion by 2025. Especially when it comes to eyewear, people are willing to splurge on designer items. 

 Plus, people are incredibly loyal to the brands they wear. High-end brands have built a reputation for who they are and what they stand for. By associating your practice with these brands, people begin to see your practice as a reflection of those same brand values. Aligning your marketing to showcase the brands you carry gives people a feel for the shopping experience your optical store provides. 

The Magic of Brands

Incorporating eyewear brands into your marketing can elevate your brand in many ways. High-end brands signify quality. By carrying these brands and integrating them into your marketing, people will associate your practice with quality products. Depending on the particular brands you sell, your practice can identify as sophisticated, edgy, or classic by simply showcasing already established brands. 

Even If you only carry independent frame lines that no one has heard of, you will attract patients who truly value being unique. If you offer Maui Jim, you are attracting patients who care about lifestyle and quality. You can shape the way people view your practice by incorporating eyewear brands into your marketing. Which is a huge win!   

The next perk of incorporating brands into your marketing is that you can use their brand collateral. High-end eyewear brands have huge budgets for their campaigns. So you can bet on them having extraordinary imagery, great models and stunning graphic design.

In return for carrying their brands, you can use this collateral in all of your digital marketing. Use these brand images on your website, social media and in all your promotional activity.

Brands Create Loyalty

People buy brands for various reasons. Whether that’s having good experiences with the quality or wanting to portray a specific image, people become very loyal to brands they love. If you can consistently offer patients that brand experience, the loyalty they feel will extend to your practice. 

Creating these experiences is one reason it’s a bright idea to align yourself with certain brands and stay consistent in your marketing. Those who are loyal to a brand you promote will revisit your practice and become long-term profitable customers and patients.

Up Your SEO Game

SEO is all about being strategic in selecting the search terms that have the highest chance of making your website visible on a search engine. When incorporated effectively, using brands in your marketing will give your website an excellent search engine optimization (SEO) boost. 

Why is this!?

 When people search for new glasses, they often start looking for a particular brand they already like. By showcasing that you carry that brand, your website is more likely to appear for a local search. 

It can be a lot more challenging to rank for broad terms such as “Glasses Toronto” because you have to compete with every practice or optical store in the city! Mid or small-size practices have a better chance for ranking for a specific brand by using search terms like “Chanel Glasses Toronto.” Plus, you will already be capturing someone interested in the brand and style of glasses you carry. Making them more likely to purchase a set of frames!

Make The Most Out of Brands You Carry

Once you’ve picked brands that align with your practice and customers, how can you be the most effective with your marketing?

Update Your Website

We recommend creating an “Our Brands” page and having it live right in the navigation bar on your website. Based on our data, the “Brands” page is the 3rd most visited page on eye care websites! So, make it easy for your patients to find it by having it on your navigation bar.   

On your “Brands” page, we recommend creating a brand box similar to the one below. This brand box includes the logo of the brands you carry and the name written with an included description. Including the brands in a written description will set you up for success with your SEO.

Google’s crawlers will pick up this text and index your website as associated with that brand. Adding a brand box may seem like a small tweak, but it is essential for your website’s visibility when users are searching for a particular brand. 

Use Branded Images

As we mentioned before, brands have fantastic imagery! Showcase the imagery provided in whatever ways you use to communicate with your patient base, whether that’s email blasts, social media or adding a banner on your website. Consistently using brand images will elevate your practice.

Final Thoughts

Using brands in your marketing is something we recommend to all of our clients. The demand for branded eyewear will continue to increase, and aligning your practice with the right brands with effective marketing will give you a noticeable boost to your bottom line. Not sure where to get started? Book a demo with us today! 

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