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Tips From a Designer: Website Photos That Should Make the Cut

Why is it so important that the photos you showcase on your website are an accurate representation of your practice? A picture is worth a thousand words! You can include nearly endless information on your clinic, its procedures, or the environment you’ve worked hard to create, but people want tangible evidence of what the experience at your clinic will be like. 

People remember only 20% of what they read, but 80% of what they see. So it is essential that the images on your website accurately reflect your brand.

Which Photos Should Make the Cut?

Patient/Customer Candids

Enlist friends or staff to pose as patients. You’ve invested time and care into making your practice a comfortable and welcoming space for customers, so show it off! Be sure to include:

  • Photos in the waiting room, highlighting the atmosphere
  • Interactions with staff and doctors
  • Patients getting treatment
  • Glasses/contact fittings
  • Patients shopping for frames

Staff/Doctor Headshots

You want to personalize your practice as much as possible. Include shots of your doctors, assistants and reception staff; patients want to get familiar with your staff before they arrive.

Some things to keep in mind for headshots:

  • High-quality photos are essential 
  • Make sure they are uniform in style and cropping
  • Professionalism is important, but you don’t want to come across as cold
  • Keep consistency in what your staff are wearing (colours, necklines etc.)

Branding Photos

You want to heavily control the perception of your practice, especially if you’ve changed your business’ logo or name sometime in the last few years. You want all branding to be consistent and clean, so make sure to include:

  • All logo representations of your practice (stationary, signage etc.)
  • Interior and exterior photos of your building
    • Main entrance
    • Panoramic of the most appealing room
    • Appointment and examination rooms

Technology Shots

Especially if your practice has a technology that differentiates you from your competitors, you want to highlight it! Additionally, establishing content surrounding your machines and technology can make the eye care experience significantly less intimidating for those who might be nervous. Make sure you include:

  • Eye exam-specific equipment
  • If applicable: in-house lab edging
  • Lens fitting and laser specific equipment

Last Word

The photos that your website highlights are ultimately going to be what a patient remembers, so make them great! If you need more tips on the staging of your photos, or simply want to hand the coordination over to some incredible designers, shoot us a message!

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Trudi Charest
Trudi Charest / Co-Founder

Trudi has spent her career trying to help eye care business owners run a better business. From her early days working in retail optical as an Optician & Corporate Trainer to an award-winning sales rep for Bausch and Lomb, Trudi carried her passion for the industry through to Eye Recommend, eventually breaking off and starting her own ventures.

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